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Hello! We are Amanda and Briana; a certified and certifying birth doula team. Joining forces to create Nana’s Birth Services we provide top-notch support to expecting families in the Denver Metro area.

Doula Services

Supporting roles during labor and birth have been seen for thousands of years. As modern-day doulas we care for our clients in the early stages of pregnancy by providing resources and education about birth choices. While the pregnancy progresses, we talk about comfort measures and physical support as the body changes.

When labor comes on we offer a constant presence bringing support with comfort measures, calm words of affirmation and support for partners. Our hope is that we can create a calm and nurturing experience throughout the time it takes our clients to bring baby this side of the womb. No matter the circumstances surrounding your pregnancy and birth we believe that we can provide necessary support and we look forward to meeting you!

How it Works

your choices. your birth.

Birth Services

Find Breastfeeding Support Groups and helpful Local Resources in Denver, Colorado.

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Working Together

Our Doula Team

Amanda Jones

Amanda Jones

Certified Doula
Briana Davis

Briana Davis

Certifying Doula

What Clients Say

Each family we have joined on the journey to parenthood has touched us both in different ways.

“It was such an honor to watch her do what she is so passionate about. It is very obvious that she loves what she does. During labor and delivery, Mandie helped keep me as calm and comfortable as possible. This was my first pregnancy and I was a little nervous and scared. But Mandie kept reminding me that I am strong and that I could do it. I will recommend her to anyone that wants a to have a doula and I cannot wait to have her be my doula again.”


“Her [Mandie] dedication to me before, during, and after the laboring process was absolutely incredible.”


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Amanda & Briana are certified birth doulas with a passion for helping families have their best birth!

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