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Babies and childcare feels like it has been a part of who I am ever since I can remember. I was very much a girly girl with my favorite game to play being house where I got to be the mom, and I had a whole tub of baby dolls. All I have ever wanted to be is a mom.

My first interest in birth work started from watching the TLC channel’s show “A baby story” and “Bringing Home Baby.” They displayed all different kinds of birth from natural birth at home with a midwife to high risk pregnancy ending in an emergency C-Section. My favorite was watching the midwives with the moms, seeing the care and comfort that went into those births drew me in. Naturally I am a very empathic person, and I often would cry and feel every emotion broadcasted. The beauty of every single birth no matter the situation, left me in awe, and I decided being a midwife is what I wanted to be when I grew up.

As hard as I tried to go the nursing route working my way into being a midwife, school was just not for me. Then life hit with the birth of my daughter. Shortly after the idea of being a doula was first introduced to me. I had no interest because I did not understand the role a doula played. The more I looked into it, and realized that the passion I have for the care and comfort of a mom in labor matched up exactly with the role of a doula and so much more. Before I knew it I had taken the introductory class and was on course for my certification as a doula.

It was a huge blessing to partner up with Mandie who definitely helped me along with my certification and getting connected into the doula community. As of now, life is still insane, but I could not be more excited and motivated to pursue my certification as soon as I can. The knowledge and experienced over these last couple years has only made me that more ready, passionate, and excited to share and thrive in this rewarding path of life.

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